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it's not you ...

Ap_facebook_dislike_kb_141212_31x13_1600... It's me.

So I quit Facebook, a thing I really used to enjoy, but started to dislike for a number of reasons. I didn't "rage quit" but I did quit in a fit of pique. (Yes! Say that 10 times fast!).

I didn't mention on Facebook that I was quitting. I didn't "flounce,” a great term people use for overly dramatic QUITTING on line when peeved. I just shut myself off and deleted the app. Here’s what happened:

I was in the middle of posting a comment about a ridiculous event a few weeks ago, where a guy from North Carolina drove all the way to Wash., DC, went into a pizza shop armed with guns, and began shooting up the place. When arrested he said he was "investigating" a child slavery ring that he read was operating out of this pizza place, run by Hilary Clinton. So absurd. So dangerous.

DroopThe media dubbed this "Pizzagate," reported about this and other "fake news" problems, and all the various connections this actually had to Trump and his entourage and followers and bla, bla, and it added another straw to the already cowed and disabled camel's back that was my relationship with news and media this last year. I sloughed it off. But soon after I found out that this pizza shop was located next door to the bookshop where my sister works, and I got scared. 

Scared, imagining my sister being injured by this asshole. Imagining a street full of “real” people going about their lives who were put in grave peril by this fuckface. I got so angry. Really hot and blood pressured angry. And naturally wanted to take to Facebook to vent it all. 

I started doing that by way of responding to another’s post about it. I was there venting and posting when I happened to glance at some of the other comments and stopped dead. The usual: trolls and gun nuts and Trump supporters and news critics and arguing on and on. I froze. “What the fuck am I even doing?” I thought. What am I trying to prove? To who? Nothing I realized. I’m just adding gas to a fire that’s consuming me in the process. I’m making myself more angry, and solving nothing. In a flash I had deleted my post, deleted my response and deleted the Facebook app from my phone. 

All the negativity. All the snark - much of it having been generated by me over the year, had amounted to a giant disgusting glob of nothingness wrapped in aggravation, preaching to the converted, arguing with unconverted, and frustration and bad feelings.  40191

It was hard. I was fairly addicted to Facebook, and have argued its merit to naysayers for years now. I’ve been on since its early days and have made many, many excellent connections and some great RE-connections, and learned a lot of cool stuff about people I like. But perhaps its run it course for me. 

I wish there was a new way to hear about friends, see pictures of what they’re up to, their kids and dogs and cats, but there isn’t that I know of. I am on Instagram which is much more benign but its not really so “social” for me. 

Its not really fair, expecting you to read the blog of somebody who’s opted out of the general conversation. But I had this blog long before now and I’m gonna consider myself “grandfathered” in. Plus You can def. comment here, and I hope you do, and perhaps a new round of discourse can be achieved. I’m still on Facebook Messenger if you want keep me in the loop about stuff as some of you have. I will definitely miss most of you and your comings and goings.

It’s not you …

Speaking of me ...

Totally unrelated and random weirdness: 

My young cousin, who I saw last night, who I barely know, but she's def. a good kid, likes to watch travel video blogs, came across a vlog about San Francisco. She was watching it when she noticed something odd in the background of one part. Take a look: